Solar Powered Lamps Without Electricity By IKEA And Little Sun


For those of us who live in developed countries or developing countries it is very easy to access energy sources. However, this is different for several countries that are still lagging behind where energy resources are limited, expensive, and depleting the environment. Based on the shared belief that thoughtful design can make a big difference, Little Sun teamed up with IKEA to develop ‘SAMMANLÄNKAD’ with the hope that solar energy will be made available to more people.

In partnership with IKEA, Little Sun invites you to explore the benefits of solar living through beautiful and functional lighting. SAMMANLÄNKAD  which means connected in Swedish, comes in two new solar-powered products designed to generate interest in solar energy and raise awareness of fair access to energy. Both launch in select IKEA markets in April 2023.


By Fellix Hallwachs, the Managing Director, Little Sun,

“Design, beauty and simplicity together make this product something people will have in their lives, giving them the strength to embrace the idea of solar energy powering our future. That’s just a small boost we can give, and lots of encouragement needed. But we are excited to see how much solar energy we can spread around the world.”


An attractive combination of design and science

This collection of solar-powered lights is inspired by how the Earth tilts itself and moves around the sun, resulting in a hemispherical light source embedded into a reflective metal plate to emphasize it. SAMMANLÄNKAD is rooted in the conceptual vision of Little Sun founder Olafur Eliasson, which brings together art and science to make solar energy a reality. As a result, the collaboration resulted in the birth of two solar-powered LED products that are the first to combine lighting and charging, and can be used as pendant or table lamps. This light source can be removed from the holder to use as a flashlight or all-purpose reading light.

Smaller portable lamps make a lovely decoration outdoors. Comes with a yellow strap, can be held or hung on a window or backpack during the day when it wants to charge. Both lamp collections are equipped with solar panels and rechargeable batteries.


By Olafur Eliasson, Artist & Founder, Little Sun,

“This collaboration with IKEA supports our mission to increase awareness of energy access and reminds us that we have the potential to shape our world together.”

Little Sun has brought solar energy to communities living without electricity in Africa and opened an urgent discussion about renewable energy and the current unequal distribution of energy. To support the Little Sun solar energy project, you can connect to their website. No matter how small your donation will mean a lot to those in need.









Designer: IKEA, Little Sun

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