20 Coolest Framed Glass Dividers For Bedroom


The open space concept is gaining popularity as is the small studio apartment. And if you happen to be in an open space like an apartment, then it will be difficult to add privacy to the bedroom that allows this room to stand apart. Somehow we need privacy, especially when it comes to the most personal areas like the bedroom. That’s why room dividers are really effective for keeping you comfortable even in an open plan house.

So what do I love about bedroom room dividers? There are lots of cool ways to add a little privacy to your room with minimal effort. Today’s trend I want to separate your bedroom from the rest of the space with a black steel framed glass wall. They can be really practical for any style and size of bedroom, from coming as a divider, wall or even a door. The goal is to keep the visual flow going while closing off the bedroom from outside noise and distractions.

In the following, I have collected some inspirational framed glass dividers for bedrooms that you will definitely love. Please scroll down and find your favorite bedroom divider!


Framed Glass Dividers

In lieu of walls, framed glass may be just a design element more than anything else, but such dividers can be part of a space statement. I really like the contrast the black frame brings to the white to neutral apartment color accents, characterized by monochromatic grays and muted light colors. Framed glass gives you more privacy without being completely cut off from the outside world, and great sound absorption keeps you comfortable inside. Glass gives the interior a very contemporary vibe, while steel frames give it an industrial look that suits today’s lifestyle.


Opt for framed glass dividers

There are many types of framed glass dividers on the market today, and many steel door companies offer only frames without glass. So, make sure you choose a framed glass divider with easy handling. No need to buy additional hardware, glass or locks, it’s all just shipped and installed.

You should watch out for similar but lower quality products such as poorly simulated wood, vinyl, or steel replicas that cost less but don’t give the look of real steel and a high-quality coat of paint.

Check out more framed glass divider ideas for bedrooms below!


















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