Exclusive Boutique Villas For Holiday Rental In Costa Rica Jungle


Dagmar Štepánová of Czech architecture studio Formafatal has successfully completed an exclusive, hit-of-the-earth boutique villa in the Costa Rican jungle that is available to rent for you and your family. The twin ‘Achioté’ villas rise from the trees above Playa Hermosa as it seems to float above the cliffs overgrown by the Pacific Ocean. Secluded holiday homes, each with a compact footprint of just ninety square meters, jut out from the sloping landscape in forest-like surroundings with lush greenery providing the ultimate level of privacy.

Formafatal designers pay close attention to the preservation and protection of the wild. The design itself is based on the energy felt by them even before the construction of the villa started. As a result, this approach resulted in twin villas of opposing designs. The first villa is Jaspis Villa which means bright villa that reflects Yin energy connected to the sky and ocean with shades of sand being the color that stands out. The second villa is called Nefrit Villa which is a dark villa that reflects Yang energy with a connection to the land and surrounding forest and features a red terracotta color.


The two designs of Achioté Villas are indeed made similar in terms of materiality, floor plans and orientation. The designer curated a unique interior especially in the color concept that is visible along the exterior. The design reflects the unique qualities of the site, taking into account the stunning views over the Pacific Ocean and the shape of the landmass.



This villa has a cantilevered roof that extends like the floor to provide extra protection from the sun and weather conditions.




The walls are made of clay quarried during the construction process, reducing the amount of material that needs to be imported for construction. New tropical plants were added after the construction of the villa was completed.


Layers of rammed earth walls stand out, creating texture while telling the story of the house one layer at a time. The twin villas are 90 square meters in area and identical in size, layout and orientation, while the structures use their own choice of materials and color schemes.



Nefrit Villa is the second villa to feature a much darker color palette, although the villas are basically identical. A key feature of Achiote Villa is the bed, which can be separated by sliding curtains for privacy and protection from mosquitoes. Being inside, guests will be spoiled with endless views that can be enjoyed from the bed through the glass walls.



All parts of these villas are also equipped with a built-in swimming pool that will make you feel as cozy as you are swimming in the middle of a forest.




The bedroom is the first part of the villa, behind which there is an open kitchen and bathroom that separates each room.


Photography: BoysPlayNice

Designer: Formafatal

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