20 Easy DIY Ramadan Banner Ideas You Need To Try


The month of Ramadan is in sight, which means that for a whole month all Muslims are competing to be more diligent in worship. Apart from getting closer to God, decorating your home during Ramadan is a fun activity. Ramadan decorations are used to make the atmosphere look festive and colorful.

For those of you who don’t have plans to add Ramadan decorations, there is an easy way that is no less beautiful, namely using banners. They look great on doors, windows, walls and even the ceiling. If you’re interested in making Ramadan even more memorable, let’s take a look at some easy DIY banners to try this year!

Ramadan decoration is easy and simple

Ramadan decorations don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Of course, it must display an Islamic accent as well as give a strong feeling of being closer to God. You just need to think of a way how you can change something ordinary to be more special. Banners are not only easy to make but also easy to apply in any room so they look great during Ramadan. From wall hangings at the dining table to banners ready to welcome guests at the front door. Find more inspiration for your favorite Ramadhan banner here.


Ramadan banner

One of the simplest Ramadan decoration elements that you can try is banners. Start with simple materials like paper or cardboard and get creative with colors and designs. For example, you can write the word Ramadan Kareem in your favorite design and color, make a banner in the shape of a mosque, or hang decorations with the moon and stars. If you want a less expensive arrangement, you can also cut colorful paper and then place it in any area you want.


Use string decorations for Ramadan banners

Rope is the easiest way that you can pair it with Ramadan banners. These rope decorations are great because they don’t take up much space so you don’t have to worry about the mess you have to deal with afterward. You can make some banner designs like stars or crescents using cloth and hang them in your space. You can also make your own Ramadan rope decorations using paper and crayons, or there are many Ramadan rope decorations that are easy to find at accessories stores.

Check out more of our selection of Ramadan banner inspiration below!


















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