10 Favorite Bathroom Plants That Refresh The Room


Houseplants have become a growing trend nowadays, not only as plants to decorate the room, ornamental plants are also a lifestyle, especially for those who live in urban areas. This trend has spread to every room in the house, and the bathroom is no exception. At first glance you might think would be very difficult to keep plants there, especially the bathroom famous air is humid and very rarely exposed to sunlight. But if you think about it, the bathroom is the perfect place to show off a green thumb, an area where you can relax or cool off after a day of activities.

The bathroom was actually a good environment to grow the plants, even there are many types of  houseplants that can live in a high humidity level, as indeed it was there that the best living area. Today we’re going to share 10 of our favorite houseplant ideas to place in the bathroom, from the easiest to those that may require extra care. Want to know what are the best bathroom plants? Keep up with our search.

1. Golden photos

Golden photos are the easiest bathroom plants to maintain. They can be placed in any area in your bathroom, if you want to hang it up, put in a pot or plant it only uses water. This plant does not require high lighting and is able to withstand any temperature conditions.


2. Snake plant

Has a unique leaf shape and texture. Snake plant is an indoor plant that is everyone’s favorite. They can adapt in any environment conditions, it can even thrive in the bathroom.


3. Air plant

Even though it is called an air plant, this plant also still needs water as part of its maintenance. Air plants are very suitable to be placed in the bathroom because of their small shape and are easy to grow in damp areas.


4. Monstera

Monstera plant has been widely known for the iconic shape of its leaves. This plant is very beautiful to put in the room, including your bathroom. They can grow in low light and any humidity conditions.


5. Watermelon peperomia

As the name implies, peperomia watermelon has a leaf shape similar to watermelon. This plant is very easy to grow even in environments that have high humidity.


6. Bamboo

Usually bamboo grows in water and this is perfect for your bathroom as it gives a nice spa feeling. It is a beautiful plant for rooms with low levels of light and humidity.


7. Spider plant

Spider plants like bright light but prefer dim lighting. They also liked the low humidity, but most good in the environment rather humid. Put these plants on a bathroom shelf or hang them to make your room even more refreshing.


8. Dracaena

There are several types of dracaena plants that you can use in the bathroom. One of them is the lemon lime variety in a fun striped choice.


9. Peace lily

Peace lily is a plant that comes from the tropics so it is very suitable to be in the bathroom. In order to bring out your flowers, this plant needs more sunlight even though it can grow in a humid environment. So, the best area for placing them is by the window.


10. Bromeliad

This unique plant has a beautiful flower and leaf shape. But don’t expect more if your bathroom is windowless. It grows well in any lighting conditions, although they are quite drought tolerant, they prefer humid places.


source: housebeautiful

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