September 22, 2023

35 Boho-Chic Sunroom Ideas With Nature Inspired

Even though the weather is still warm all around, having a sunroom or sun corner is a comfortable area when the days are too cold for you to be outside. This season I don’t want to miss it. So, maybe some parts of the room I will use as a sunroom. It may also include other indoor terrace with a glass even fully or only partially. I want to create the idea of a comfortable boho-chic sunroom with a soothing natural feel. But before we get into the bohemian sunroom list, let’s get to know this unique decoration. Bohemian actually has been known for a long time, basically this is an irregular style that is synonymous with gypsy. Bohemian style tends to refer to a style that is free, but colorful and a combination of ethnic styles, hippies and also vintage.

Accent and style

Bohemian sunroom usually has a unique characteristic in combining objects or furniture. Bright shades and textile election is the most important element of bohemian style. Choose what you want to place in your sunroom by incorporating a bohemian vibe, or combining it with other decorations such as shabby chic, rustic, and a little Scandinavian. All of these choices really work well with a bohemian style to create a comfortable sunroom. Add a few accessories such as pillows, carpets, curtains and other upholstery fabric. The color pattern and texture must be equally important but the fabric must look contrasted and does not have to look harmonious.

Indoor plants

The most interesting thing about bohemian spaces is that they are inspired by nature, it makes any plant into a decoration that is like one with the room. Put your favorite ornamental plants or plants and hang them with macrame or rattan pots to emphasize the impression of bohemian. Craft decoration or wicker products are very appropriate as a complement to the bohemian sunroom. Amazingly, you don’t need to worry about growing your plants because they are in the right place with abundant sun exposure.

































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