20 Fresh Spring Mantel Decor With Blooms And Greenery


Spring is everywhere, it’s the best time to clean up the winter and welcome the warmer season for your home decor. Some parts of the room may still feel damp, and if you want to add warmth then coats are the best solution. It doesn’t matter if your coat is real or fake, these decorating ideas will help you warm up your spring.

Spring mantel decoration is all about the style of your home. Think about adding more of a refreshing natural feel, a decoration like this is perfect for a spring look which is filled with greenery and blooming flowers. For us, spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and adding natural accents to a room is indeed the most effective way.

The fireplace is one of the best places to start, which can serve as a focal point in any room. A spring mantel can spruce up your space with natural tones that are warm and inviting. From placing seasonal flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to mixing in evergreens such as ferns, eucalyptus or even moss, here are some tips on decorating a mantle that fits the idea of spring!


What styles welcome spring mantel?

Spring mantel can welcome any style and look. If you like modern designs, try adding potted greenery to modern planters or in clear vases. If it’s a country room, try grabbing some plywood, some tubers in a pot and a bucket with greenery. Want to add a little Easter touch that welcomes spring? Go for porcelain bunnies, faux nests with eggs, and even colorful wreaths.


Spring mantel color scheme

Spring mantel don’t always look flashy, especially when you want to add a color scheme. For a more minimalist look, try a monochromatic color. Use one color and mix different colors throughout your mantel. This will provide a cohesive and subtle look that would suit a modern or contemporary room.


Greenery and flowers blooming

Spring is all about bringing freshness into your space. A spring mantle with greenery, bulbs, and spring flowers is a great way to create a spring mood. Choose greenery and green branches that you like, or a variety of spring blooms and bulbs to add to your fireplace shelf. Cut flowers and branches won’t last very long, and if you want a long-lasting look, choose fake flowers with fresh or potted greenery. Moss is another great alternative, moss balls and topiaries can be styled for any space from modern to rustic.


Add personality for the final touch

No matter how beautiful the coat decoration you make, it won’t feel comfortable if you don’t add something personal. Finally, don’t forget to add a personal touch to your mantel. Incorporate items like family photos, sentimental items, or even pieces of art to make your mantel feel like a reflection of your unique personality and style.

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