February 26, 2024

IKEA Tips: Smart And Unexpected Storage Ideas In The Bedroom


The bedroom is designed not to be as large as other rooms in the house, this area is usually more focused on comfort, so that it makes rest time more enjoyable. However, if you make the bedroom the most private area then you will need extra storage space. There are many smart ways to use corners to areas that are rarely used as smart storage solutions in limited spaces.

Today’s tip features clever ways to come up with storage ideas without taking up too much space in your bedroom. These IKEA hacks for small bedrooms really caught my attention, and they’re easy to apply to any style of space. IKEA is one of those furniture products which are easy to DIY, budget-friendly and very elegant, here are some unexpected bedroom storage tips.

Use the top wall

Installing a wall shelf above the window is a practical storage solution that’s easily accessible every day. Apart from wall shelves, you can also add boxes with lids that keep things organized and dust free. This top wall storage idea is no less practical and space efficient.


Take advantage of the gap in the bed

Give a little access behind your bed by placing a long shelf. This is a multifunctional storage area because it can hide all the clutter in the bedroom. Use the top area as a place to store various items that are easy to access, while the bottom can be used as an extra storage area by adding boxes and baskets.


Easy storage solution under the bed

The space under the bed is very popular as a storage area. However, you can still get the most out of it with the right storage idea. The tip is to use a storage box under the bed that is large but lightweight so that it can be easily pulled out and stored again.


Multifunctional wooden bench

Furniture with built-in storage is a practical and smart solution. Like a wooden bench with an attractive design that has storage space in it while making the bedroom look more aesthetically pleasing. Place this wooden bench at the foot of the bed which adds to the comfort of resting.


Easy DIY pillows to make

There are many DIY products that are multi-functional, and if you don’t have any then you can make your own in a few simple steps. Like when you need storage space for a large quilt, try rolling it up in a quilt cover and tying the edges together.


Now you have a big cozy pillow when you want to rest in your room. Plus, this DIY pillow saves you from having to think about extra storage space.


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