November 30, 2022

7 Best Houseplants Ideas That Produce Oxygen In The Room

Currently houseplants are not only as a sweetener outside the room. The proof today is that many homeowners like to display their collection of houseplants in the house. In addition to making the room look fresher, the presence of this plant will also beautify the room you have. However, not all types of ornamental plants are suitable to be placed indoors because there are certain plants that actually absorb oxygen.

So, so that you don’t choose the wrong plants for housing, there are several types of houseplants that are indeed oxygen producers to make the room cooler and cleaner. The various collections of oxygen-producing houseplants are no less beautiful than popular houseplants. You can place it in a vase, pot or hang it on the wall.

So that you are not even more curious, today we have collected 7 of the best houseplant ideas that produce oxygen in the room. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Snake Plant


Sansevieria or often called snake plant is the best indoor houseplant as a producer of oxygen. This plant is able to produce oxygen around the clock, while cleaning the air from pollutants that are harmful to the family. As the name implies, snake plant has a leaf shape that resembles a snake with a hard texture with a sharp tip.

2. Dracena Plant


The next plant that you can choose is dracena. This plant is believed to be a good producer of oxygen and is able to control the humidity of the air in the room. Not only that, dracena is also considered to be able to maintain the mood and create a relaxing, calming atmosphere.

3. Chrysanthemum Flower


Slightly different from other types of plants in general, this time there is a type of flower that is no less good as a producer of oxygen. Chrysanthemum is an oxygen-producing ornamental plant that has beautiful shapes and colors. This type of flower is best placed near a window or in direct sunlight.

4. Peace Lily


If you don’t have much time to care for plants, peace lily can be the best choice. Besides being a good oxygen-producing plant, this plant also includes minimal maintenance because it doesn’t really need sunlight all the time. This plant also does not require too much watering.

5. Spider Plant


Spider plants are our favorite plants on this list. Besides being able to produce oxygen, this plant also gives a cool and green impression in the room. Having a small, lush elongated leaf shape, spider plant is a plant that requires minimal maintenance.

6. Golden Pothos


Golden pothos plants are beautiful vines as decorative ornaments. In addition, this plant is able to produce oxygen better than other plants. Golden pothos is also believed to be able to bring positive energy into the house and bring fortune.

7. Aloe Vera


On the last list, we have an aloe vera plant that is ready to beautify your home. Moreover, aloe vera is also known as a good oxygen producer in the room. Placing aloe vera in your home can certainly help improve air quality. This plant also has many benefits that are good for health.

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