10 Clever Ways To Create Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

Every parent who has kids must have experienced how difficult it is to take care of their home as well as their children. It doesn’t matter how many times you clean the house in a day, only a short time later, your little one’s toys are messy again. At the age of toddlers or not yet in school, kids prefer to play in the living room which is close to their parents. Even though you may have created a playroom or changed their bedroom to a certain theme, your little ones will be more likely to bring their toys back into the living room.

So, is there a smart way to organize toys in the living room? And will all these toys even make your living room a mess? Fortunately, there are many toy storage ideas that can be applied to the living room. Not only practical and space-saving, this toy organization idea will enhance the design of your living room.

So far, we think that toys can be quite an eyesore in the living room, and of course will make your guests feel uncomfortable. In fact, toys are a kids pleasure and are their world. So, they really don’t have the heart to let their toys always be in storage. Here’s what you can do to bring your love into the living room!

1. Wall-mounted toy basket can be a unique and interesting idea. Decorate an empty wall by placing a wicker-shaped toy basket.


2. An empty corner can also be converted into a functional storage area. Apart from being an additional bench in the living room, you can also use the empty area under the bench to store toys.


3. The open storage cabinet design makes it easy for your little one to find and store all their toys. To make the living room more aesthetic, choose a storage cabinet made of wood to give a natural impression.


4. The living room is usually used as a TV room. You can choose a TV table that is equipped with many storage shelves. Its not too high position allows your little one to arrange their own toys.


5. The toy basket with open and closed design is an easy and practical way to store kids toys in the living room. Place it next to or behind the sofa so that the living room still looks neat.


6. Family photo walls are usually always the main decoration in the living room. In addition, the bench will be the most ideal complementary furniture. If you like this living room style, choose a bench with a storage unit for toys underneath.


7. It doesn’t have to be expensive or buy it at the store, you can also make your own toy storage area in the living room. Take advantage of used and recycled items such as wooden crates to organize into trendy toy shelves.


8. Display cabinets are a great addition to your living room style. Aside from being a place for decorative displays, table lamps, and flower vases, you can use the shelf at the bottom to store toys.


9. If the open display cabinet looks untidy, try choosing a closed cabinet but also equipped with a shelf inside. You can store toys in the closet to clear up the mess.


10. Multifunctional furniture is still the best choice for limited space. If your living room is small and you still need a place to store toys, then you can try this hidden storage pouffe at home.


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