How To Choose Lamps For Cozy Bedroom


The bedroom is one of the most private and important rooms in the house. This is a place for you to rest, relax and do fun activities after a tiring day at work. That is why you need to plan carefully in terms of bedroom design and decoration. Such as adding a comfortable lamp to the bedroom.

There are several things you need to pay attention to before choosing a bedroom lamp. For example, you can consider any type of LED lamp as this type of lamp produces a calming ambience with warmer lighting tones, thus giving you a calming feel in the bedroom. As a result, LED lights are better than incandescent bulbs because they make the room feel cooler so you have quality rest time.

Here are several types of bedroom lights that you can choose according to your taste, as well as tips for displaying them in the room. Have a good night’s sleep!

1. Ceiling Lamp


Ceiling lamp is my first choice to apply in the bedroom, because the lighting is directed downward so it can illuminate the entire room properly. This type of lamp is perfect for a minimalist-style room with a calm and warm ambiance but tends to have bright lighting. As the name implies, you can place this lamp on the ceiling, usually centered in the middle of the room.

2. Floor Lamp


A table lamp may not be the main light for a bedroom. However, this type of lamp is very helpful when you need extra lighting. The table lamp itself is very practical because it is easy to move and is usually in the corner of the room or as a reading lamp in the bedroom.

3. String Light


Using string lights in nice rooms is great for creating soft lighting. You can install string lights on curtains, walls, or hang them above the headboard to create a warm, soft and romantic atmosphere. Almost all of these types of lights can be adjusted to the level of lighting you want.

4. Table Lamp


Table lamps are a classic type of lamp that is often seen in bedrooms. The reason, this lamp feels more practical, inexpensive, and has a variety of attractive designs as part of room decor. The table lamp has a low light range but is sufficient to provide extra light.

5. Wall Lamp


Wall lamps are able to provide good additional lighting to the bedroom, without having to take up a lot of space. In terms of decoration, wall lamps also make the bedroom walls look more beautiful and aesthetic, and can elevate the atmosphere. Install the wall lamp on the left and right walls of the bed, or next to the bed.

6. Downlight


Downlight is a type of bedroom lamp that can illuminate the area underneath. This type of lamp is usually installed hidden in the ceiling so that it is not good as the main lighting. However, downlights are great as part of a room decor as they create a calm and warm ambiance.

7. Pendant Lamp


Pendant lamps do give a different look when installed in the bedroom. However, you need to choose the right shape of pendant lamp and install it at the right height so it doesn’t interfere with mobility in the room. Avoid installing this lamp above your head, position the chandelier in the middle of the bedroom ceiling so that it can illuminate the entire room.

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