September 30, 2023

23 Pretty Bohemian Garden Ideas That Make Easy


Bohemian design is well known as part of interior design, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and others. However, what if this decoration which is synonymous with comfort and natural elements is applied to the garden area? As a result, the bohemian garden design is not only beautiful to look at but also makes the garden not monotonous and homey. There are many ideas for creating this garden idea, such as combining used items to put in your garden. You can also surround your outdoor furniture with lush plants and trees. In addition, the bohemian garden style is synonymous with bright patterns and bold color displays.

The boho garden style is always associated with a vintage impression because it uses several unique items that have characteristics. These items can be old doors, windows, wicker chairs, chandeliers and rugs. Hammocks or cloth tents can be great additions to your outdoor space. Enjoy the fun atmosphere of entertainment in your boho garden style, and today I have put it together to share with you. Get some tips and see a collection of your favorite bohemian garden images!

Used and antiques

To bring a bohemian theme to the garden, you can add a collection of used and antique items. It can be old furniture or recycled items, for example window sills, antique cabinets, wooden doors, lamps or dressers. In addition, complete the bohemian garden with several types of flower plants such as roses, hydrangeas, lavender and dahlias to liven up the atmosphere.


Nature elements

The bohemian garden is full of natural elements, seen from the many plants. Use wood panels to hang on the wall and make it an area to display your plant collection. Spice it up with hanging plants or vines for added visual interest. A mixture of various plant textures and colors will make it look even more unique.


Bright textile with pattern

The use of textiles as part of the decoration is closely related to the bohemian style. Choose a type of textile that is bright and weather-resistant, you can use it as a tent or hanging decoration outdoors. The various patterns and textures of the fabrics will add color to your garden. You can also make a tent with macrame or pompom decoration. Another idea, an outdoor rug or rug would make a unique statement to the outdoors.


Add lighting

To make your bohemian garden even more dramatic, add several types of lights as extra lighting in the evening and at night. Among these are wicker or macrame chandeliers, beaded chandeliers, Moroccan lamps, or candles and lanterns for a romantic setting. You can hang it between the trees or put it on the table.


Cozy seating

A bohemian garden is synonymous with a low sitting area like beanbags or floor cushions, but you can also use chairs with short legs. The furniture used is usually chosen with care for comfort. Use a seat made of fur, leather, or rattan wicker. Also add soft sofa cushions with geometric patterns, and finally make sure you stay warm by adding blankets with unique patterns.

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