Floating Crystal Lake Pavilion For Meditation And Yoga


This floating pavilion is located in the West Catskills in the state of New York, a proposed concept for a 497-acre wild forest that includes a 32-acre man-made lake, seeps and creeks, wetlands and an old beaver pond. Designed by Marc Thorpe Design who introduced Crystal Lake Pavilion, it is also part of the lake shore and the surrounding moist forest that provides habitat for trillions, wild chives, jack-in-the-pulpits and Dutchman’s britches.

Situated amidst rolling hills at a highest elevation of 1,980 feet, the area is home to native flora and fauna, including hundreds of species of plants, trees, wildlife and insects unique to the western region of the Catskills.


Crystal Lake Pavilion is designed for use in meditation and yoga classes as well as group therapy. The location is quite remote and accessible only by boat, while embracing its natural surroundings through all its glass skin and structural transparency. The construction of the pavilion was built with a wood frame structure using light steel joints and a standing seam steel roof. Utilizing the traditional King Post timber construction method, the pavilion consists of a series of heavy timbers joined by lap joints and bolted mortise and tenon joints.

The pavilion’s dominant feature is the centerpiece of the building cantilevered from a single solid concrete jetty that is anchored to the lake bottom. The Crystal Lake Pavilion appears to be floating above the surface of the lake while reflecting its triangular roof creating an optical illusion of weightlessness.






designer: @marcthorpedesign

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