Two Island Cabin Nestle Into Beautiful Natural Landscapes


Island Cabin is two separate cabin buildings set in the beautiful natural landscape of the site. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the project was completed in 2020 by GO’C. The cabin consists of new construction of the small sleeper cabin and a complete overhaul of the existing cabin. The goal is for these cabins to be mindful of their environmental impact on site and to be as energy efficient as possible, down to zero energy.

A solar array of thirty-five panels is placed on the roof facing south of the existing cabin and provides durability for both cabins. The cypress trees around the island were ground and used to cover the two structures. This method provides a great opportunity to further explore wood for both exterior and interior wall cladding.


The outer cladding is a reverse plank and batten system with varying vertical plank widths. At first glance the cabin looks traditional while giving a clean modern impression. The dark stain chosen for the exterior allows some of the natural red hue of the fir to enter while also allowing the structure to recede into the trees.

Being in the interior, the end result feels lighter when using the same material. A brushed vertical fir plank with white stained wire, allowing natural wood grain in. It also creates a new take on traditional cabin interiors. The simple and clean details in combination with the light wood walls make the interior feel spacious and modern yet intimate and cozy.














architect: GO’C

photos: Kevin Scott

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