10 Calm And Relaxing Spa Decor Ideas For Home

Take a break from all the activities and busyness of daily life by creating a relaxing spa area at home. No need to bother going to a salon or spa, you can also enjoy regular spas at home by creating a home spa or private spa room. This method is very practical for those of you who want to calm your mind and keep your body in shape to get back through the day.

Doing a spa regularly is good for looking beautiful and also maintaining a healthy body. Spa is also believed to be a way of relaxation of the mind and a healthy detoxification. In addition, the presence of a spa will also make the appearance of your home seem luxurious because it is equipped with a private spa that is always ready to pamper you at home.

Create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom or other comfortable space, and take some time to pamper yourself after a week full of notifications. Here we’ve put together some home spa decorating ideas and ways you can apply them!

1.  Nature Accents


To create a calm and natural atmosphere at the home spa, choose furniture that can make you feel relaxed. It could be a bench with a comfortable pad and pillows, or a sofa bed. Here natural accents will keep your body and mind fresh, put indoor plants as part of the décor.

2. Indoor Outdoor Bathtub


Blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor in the bathroom is a great way to create calm. This spa bathroom will invite you to connect to the outdoors. The round tub, storage basket and rattan spa stand add visual appeal.

3. Boho Bedroom Chairs


The bedroom has always been my favorite area to relax, and there is nothing more relaxing than a bohemian bedroom. You can make a home spa in this area by placing a comfortable chair in the corner of the room.

4. Warm Bathroom Lights


Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your spa bathroom. The key is in the lighting you want to display. Avoid bright lights and choose a dimmer lighting. You don’t need to place a lot of lights, in this case the mirror will reflect a soft light.

5. Holiday Nook


Bringing the holiday vibes home is a great way to relax. Create a home spa in nook of your room, then give a touch of the holiday you dream of. This corner will become every family’s favorite area.

6. Hanging Rattan Chair


Enjoy relaxing days with friends or family while swinging in a comfortable rattan chair. Apart from being part of the home spa, you can curl up while spending time with a good book.

7. Luxury Bedroom Spa


Want to create a home spa with a luxurious look? Turn your bedroom into the spa of your dreams. Give a luxurious accent but still make you feel comfortable. Spa bed, chairs, side table and maybe a little lighting.

8. Luxury Home Spa


If you don’t want to create anything in the bedroom, try creating a private spa in your interior. It could be anywhere, be it in the living room or family room. To make it look like a spa place in general, give a touch of luxury to the furniture and decorations.

9. Cozy Bedroom Spa


Don’t be discouraged if you’re on a tight budget, even with a few simple setups you can create your own private home spa at home. Create a cozy spa atmosphere in the bedroom, it doesn’t need to be luxurious, but it can make you feel relaxed.

10. Relaxing Bathroom Spa


Relaxing in a bath with aromatherapy candles and a good book is enough to create a spa atmosphere at home. You can also apply this decoration to create a romantic impression.

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