20 Beautiful Tiny Wood House Exterior To Get Inspired


Not only gives a natural and warm impression, a tiny wood house can be a hiding place and family retreat. In addition, this wood house design can be a solution for those of you who want to build a house on a narrow land. Wood house design is suitable to be applied to an environment that is inspired by nature, consisting of wood as the main ingredient with a combination of other natural materials such as natural stone. This wood house will become a favorite area for the family to spend the weekend, and here are some inspirations and looks for the exterior!

Minimalist Concept Design

Having a tiny size with a minimalist concept, so far many people think that wood houses are only suitable as cabins or temporary vacation homes. In fact, you can build a wood house like a house in general. Even though it is small, a wooden house with the right arrangement will make it feel more spacious. Complete with various main rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, guest rooms, to bathrooms, wooden houses should have a multifunctional storage area.


Wood House For Retreat

It is undeniable that a wooden house is basically designed as a temporary residence or a place of rest. Usually located in the garden or backyard, tiny wood houses are also attractive as a kids play area. There are various designs of wood houses that are popular today, ranging from traditional styles to modern design concepts in the form of containers. However, for a wider size you can also make it a residence. The idea of ​​a small wooden house is suitable for small families or for those of you who often travel.


Wood House Landscape

A tiny wooden house design will look beautiful and charming if it is supported by the right landscape settings. The wooden house concept can blend into any environment, especially in nature-inspired gardens and backyards. Create the landscape according to your wishes, from planting various types of flowers to lush green plants. This wood house will become an inseparable part of your garden.


















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