Stylish Apartment with Charm Preserved in France

stylish apartment in France

Stylish apartment in a beautiful square position, we find the 20th-century apartment is beautifully preserved with details of the construction. Continuously renovated apartment of 140 square feet that has been carefully restored in recent years. Awesome place to live while still maintaining the charm as contemporary styles such as floor boards, cement, wooden doors and ceilings are wonderful. The kitchen and bathroom renovated and well proportioned, floor plan also offers many opportunities to change and adapt to suit individual preferences and needs. There is a small balcony overlooking a quiet courtyard overlooking the square at the same time the French. From Davidshallstorg you have a few minutes walk to all the shops and restaurants in this city. Citytunneln triangular station is located a few hundred meters from the house, giving you good communication and scarce. Enjoy a collection of stylish apartments image on the screen!

white apartment in France


stylish kitchen sink with beautiful floor


stylish kitchen shelving cabinet


stylish kitchen interior design


stylish kitchen in dining area


stylish kitchen ideas


stylish bathroom appliances


stylish apartment with white bathroom


stylish apartment with tiny living room


stylish apartment with open space


stylish apartment with master bedroom


stylish apartment with dining room designs


stylish apartment with dining area


stylish apartment lamps


stylish apartment decoration


stylish apartment bedrooms


small kitchen storage ideas


small kitchen cabinet


chic kids bedroom


beautiful small balcony furniture


beautiful small balcony


beautiful kitchen sink


stylish apartment design in France


contempory apartment doors


apartment with France square


stylish apartment with France square view


apartment holiday plans


apartment with station plans


apartment plans in France

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