Oak Terrace House By Daab Design


The oak terrace is a renovation project that unlocks the full potential of this patio house floor plan, creating seamless movement throughout. Completed in 2022 in North London by Daab Design, a small decision can have a big impact on the final result. The renovation section consists of the ground floor and the lower terrace of the house while maintaining the original building concept but modernizing the Victorian plans and details for a contemporary family home.

By reversing the kitchen and living zone, the architect wanted to open up the spatial flow of the house. The kitchen from the ground floor was moved to a lower ground floor, with the aim of creating new interactions into the home, a family-focused kitchen, dining area and living room with a back terrace for outdoor dining. This simple change allows the ground floor to function as a home office and TV room.

Wood elements dominate the interior, there are handy oak veneer storage walls and birch plywood pantry cabinets to keep the house tidy. The interior palette is heavily inspired by the Japanese style where clients have lived there, and their extensive collection of ceramics.


Daab Design is always looking for details and materials to preserve and then reuse, maintaining character and reducing the impact of each project. In the Oak Terrace project, the architects also retained the original features including parquet flooring, archives and doors, and reused existing sanitary equipment, most recently bringing the bathroom to life with tiles and colours. The end result is a house with flexible yet comfortable spaces to live, cook, eat, relax and work. The architects have managed to balance the character of the original house with a new way of living. Enjoy!






photography: Henry Woide

designer: Daab Design

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