10 Cozy And Minimalist Rooftop Design You’ll Love

Living in an apartment or in an urban area does make it easier to access wherever we go, many people even decide to move to crowded areas because of the demands of work. However, land limitations are always a problem when you decide to live in a vertical residence. Maybe you will find it difficult to find land that you can use outdoors, or provide a place to relax on the weekends.

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop, then this is a gap that can be maximized. It doesn’t need to be spacious but it can be an oasis in itself. After all rooftops are better than balconies, here you have more access to build anything. From the outdoor living room, rooftop garden, to the relaxing area, here are some small rooftop designs that you will surely love!

1. A small corner on the rooftop can be the most romantic place by placing beautiful furniture sets. Decorate it with your favorite plant pots and flower pots and then choose furniture with bright colors.


2. Although small, this rooftop still looks aesthetic with wood accents on the floor and walls. In addition, hedges add a fresh impression to a small space.


3. Bohemian rooftop designs are always interesting to imitate. It doesn’t require a large area, the key is in choosing furniture such as rattan chairs and outdoor carpets. You can also add various kinds of houseplants.


4. Rooftop is the best place for your privacy. If you need peace and want to restore a bad mood, the rooftop is the solution.


5. This rooftop design is designed like you are on vacation. Featuring a beach feel complete with a lounging area and a cozy hammock.


6. Not only as an outdoor gathering place, this rooftop design is very good for healing because it is surrounded by lush green plants.


7. Make the rooftop as an additional living room. If your room is connected to the rooftop, then the living room design on the rooftop will be your favorite.


8. Minimalist and contemporary design is perfect for small-sized rooftops. Just place a set of outdoor furniture, then install a practical lightweight steel roof.


9. This rooftop will invite anyone to relax or just take a nap. There is plenty of space for friends and family where you can spend time with them.


10. Don’t have land to grow vegetables or spices? Create your own private garden on the rooftop using a raised bed.


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