Beach House Getaway with Sea Treasures

beach house living area

The beach house offers a lot of fun things for getaway, like this beach house located in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Blue sky and white sand adds to the treasure collected from the land and sea is an attraction with views of the sea. Casual elegance and theme decorations blue and white have a little relaxation, all the furniture has been recycled and returned as appropriate. Like the coffee table that had a previous life as a piano bench. They fused together furniture with a coat of white paint, even some of original furnishings of the shells were spectacular. This house is full of ocean theme, almost every section you will find eggshell and shells, but they are set up very well so that was not an exaggeration. I love the beautiful shells sketch, even it was on the porch, you can see the shells in a vase style setting and a large basket. They like to master the art of setting shells, following the beach house fun for your holiday!

beach house with sea treasure furniture


beach house table living room


beach house mirror bedroom


sea treasure stairs


sea treasure house


beach house with dining area


beach house bedrooms


beach house master bedroom


traditional beach house elements


beach house with nautical items


beach cottage house


beach outdoor dining room

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