Back To School: Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kids Room


This is the season where kids go back to school. Starting from those who just entered elementary school to continue to the next school level, you will be faced with busyness for all their needs. For children, starting something new can sometimes be really difficult to the point where they lack enthusiasm. That is why you as a parent must be smart in preparing whatever their needs, including providing a comfortable study space at home.

With adequate study space as well as organized storage areas, children can easily understand what they will learn in school. In addition, the children’s room which is equipped with a fun learning area can be a play area at the same time. In the following we’ve rounded up some ways to transform a child’s room to be ready to go back to school. Get inspired!

Study desks and chairs that are suitable for kids posture

Choose furniture that is comfortable for children with a table that can be adjusted in height. Complete it with a study chair with a backrest that fits the child’s posture so that they are comfortable when they want to study for a long time. If necessary, use a table with a size large enough for your little one to have more freedom.


Easy-to-reach writing utensils

Your little one will love experimenting with the writing, pictures and colors they like. You can create an area to store writing utensils that are easily accessible to your little one. Use buckets or wall shelves to organize everything they need.


Storage area for all needs

An empty corner can be used optimally as a storage area. Turn this corner into a storage area where children can search and find whatever they need. Create wall shelves, use storage baskets, to areas to display kids art.


Table lamp that makes your little one more focused

Simple accessories like table lamps can beautify study desks and make them more focused. Choose a table lamp with a unique design that your little one likes. Now, mothers will not worry when they study at night.


Organized table setting

Children usually have more school needs. Ranging from pencils, books, to their favorite toys. The solution, you need to add a table setting that can organize all the needs of your little one. Place multilevel shelves on the table to avoid clutter.


A memo board for all schedules

With a memo board, you can help your little one organize all of their schedules. If the chalkboard is too plain, you can use a magnetic board for a more stylish look.


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