Australian Beach House That Keeping Privacy In Simplicity


Located near the Australian coast, Big Sky Beach House is a holiday home designed by Andrea McLean Studio that combines an open and airy feeling while maintaining privacy on a small plot of land in Vancouver seaside neighborhood of Kitsilano. Covering an area of 2,400 square feet, the building focuses on simplicity as the ultimate goal for its residents. The creation of a bright space allows anyone to still enjoy the outdoors in any weather conditions, all of which can be presented both on the ground and on the roof.

The house is equipped with the ability to open up the living space to enjoy the warm summer breeze both indoors and outdoors. The cedar screen is installed to respond to the various needs of privacy and solar control when the sun is too hot. Beyond its function, this wooden screen provides a beautiful visual touch that will tie the house to the beach. It’s like a beachfront vacation home while respecting privacy and being surrounded by stunning natural surroundings.


Architects really care about what the homeowner wants. A young professional couple and their one-year-old son wanted the interior to also follow the same approach where natural materials are not only functional but have a holiday touch and provide a relaxing relaxing atmosphere.

Walking around the house, we will come across the brushed walnut mills that can be found throughout the house as well as concrete aggregate floors. The furnishings are dominated by wool and leather framed by flowing linen. The rugs were handpicked by the homeowner on his way to Morocco to apply during construction. All materials are selected not only for the purpose, but also to make life easier with the dazzling collaboration of textiles, art and decoration.

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open-living-room-design-in-rooftop australian-house-rooftop-with-lounge-area



architect: Andrea McLean Studio

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