10 Inspiring Unique Bathtub Ideas For Your Choice

The bathtub is often considered a symbol of luxury in every bathroom. In fact, not all types of bathtubs are designed for luxury, there are also those who consider the aesthetic value to get a bathroom as desired. Like this bathtub idea that anyone can apply in almost any style of space. In addition, the material, price, and size of the tub need to be considered to fit your budget and the look you want to present.

If all this time you thought the bathtub was only a complement to the space, we are sure that some of these bathtub inspirations will take your decoration to the next stage. This is really an unusual design for a one though some may be very familiar with. Here we are sure that you will love one of our unique collections. Please scroll down and see how they inspire!

1. Bohemian style bathtub


At first glance this bathroom is not like a bathroom in general, and almost like a comfortable family room. You will enjoy soaking while relaxing in the tub with a bohemian feel. Old school, open space, indoor plants, and colorful patterns are many things to consider.

2. Bathtub with a jungle view


Bringing the concept of nature into the room is indeed popular today. However, what if you bring the forest into the bathroom. The wooden bathtub looks one with the fresh green space. Besides being comfortable, you will like soaking in the open.

3. Luxurious and elegant bathtub


There’s nothing more satisfying than soaking in a luxurious bathroom. If you have enough budget, you can imitate this bathtub idea with a beautiful marble wall appearance.

4. Japanese style bathtub


Japanese bathtub designs are very popular because they provide comfort for anyone who bathes. Usually made of round wood. Feels very traditional and makes anyone feel at ease.

5. Cool black bathtub


If there is a fan of masculine style, the option of a bathtub with a black room can be considered. The black bathtub combined with gold nuances looks more elegant. The bathtub design is suitable for men or for those of you who don’t like complicated things.

6. A floral pink bath


It’s different with this one bathtub. Shows a feminine impression with an adorable pink color. Combine it with floral walls to enhance the appearance of the room.

7. Luxurious gold bath


With a gold color and a classic shape, this bathtub does display a luxurious and elegant style. However, you still make it comfortable by choosing the right background. Neutral color choices and simple settings contrast with the bath.

8. Minimalist white bathtub


This is the most common and much-loved bathtub design. Having a white color that matches the minimalist space style, this style seems to be timeless. That is why, many designers and homes today choose this style for their bathrooms.

9. Colorful bathtub


Another unique bathtub design that attracts attention. The colorful concept always manages to make the room feel brighter and cheerful. If you don’t want to change the color of the bath, use a screen or room divider with beautiful colors.

10. Classic bathtub in industrial style


Classic style bathtub will make anyone feel comfortable. So that it doesn’t feel boring, you can combine it with industrial styles like concrete and brick walls or floors. Create a warm and soothing impression with antique bathroom accessories.

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