20 Best Outdoor Movie Theaters In The Roof


Having a private cinema at home is fun, but what if there are more people who enjoy it with you? Some people have creative ways to create an entertainment area that can be enjoyed by their family and friends. One of them is by building an outdoor cinema while under the starry sky. If the backyard is too ordinary, try creating it on the roof of your house or apartment.

For those of you who feel bored with all the activities and busyness, maybe it’s time to hold a small competitors on the roof with the people closest to you. In addition to enjoying a pleasant together time, outdoor cinemas will be the perfect entertainment to spend a long night.

If you are interested in installing a movie screen or home theater outdoors, here are some inspiration and ways to do it. From a simple outdoor cinema to a luxurious roof party, enjoy your summer with unlimited entertainment devices.


Devices that support the roof cinema

To build outdoor movie screens, you will need several devices such as poles, screens and projectors. At present there are many types of portable projectors that are easy to carry anywhere so that it saves more time and energy. So that the atmosphere of watching is more lively, don’t forget to add outdoor speakers. The presence of this speaker will give a different sensation like you watch in theaters. You can choose a favorite movie and then store it in USB, or the easiest way to connect it to your laptop.


Create a warm and cozy atmosphere on the roof

The air outside is sometimes unfriendly, especially before night. That is why, you need to add some items to warm your film’s night. For convenience, select outdoor carpets, pillows, blankets, and outdoor chairs. Also bring your favorite foods and drinks, maybe snacks such as popcorn, candy, and some cakes. So that the atmosphere is getting warmer, add lighting that is not too bright, rope lights, lanterns, or LED candles are a good choice.


Outdoor cinema decoration on the roof

The roof cinema can feel very romantic or themed party, depending on how many people you want to invite for the night of the best film. If your roof is a deck, Fire pits will warm the atmosphere and become a fun gathering area. For a romantic look, you can bring a bed or sofa to the roof, complete the pillow and blanket to keep the body warm. Meanwhile, if you want to invite all your friends, try adding a party theme such as bohemian style dinner or gypsy. The following is an outdoor cinema idea that will turn on your roof!

















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