21 Artsy Stained Glass Window Ideas For Your Home


Every house must be equipped with windows as access in and out of light. In addition, windows also function as a means for air circulation so that the room in your home feels cooler. A house with large windows and glass will certainly give the impression of a more spacious room. However, large windows usually don’t have good decorations, making the room feel boring. The best solution is to choose a stained glass window design to give it a more attractive and artsy look. Stained glass is usually often seen in old buildings, churches or places of worship.

Stained glass is no longer exclusive to churches, this window idea can add color and a beautiful accent to your home. When exposed to sunlight, the glass will produce a charming colorful bias in the room. The stained glass design features a unique mosaic motif on its surface. In addition, you can find more variations of motifs and colors. From stained glass windows in retro, modern, to artsy style. This glass idea can not only be applied to windows but also to doors, bathrooms, and any area you like.


Get to know stained glass

Stained glass has been around since the third century AD in Europe. Starting from the art of glass, previously stained glass was only applied to new buildings that became popular in the 12th century. As it developed, many people applied it to church windows, especially those facing east in order to emit a beautiful light into the room. Now, stained glass is no longer exclusive to places of worship or old buildings. You can also apply it to public buildings to residential areas to get a charming artsy look.


Characteristics of stained glass

Maybe many of you still don’t know what stained glass is? In conclusion, stained glass is decorative glass composed of colorful pieces of glass. There are many designs of stained glass with bright colors such as emerald green, green, blue, yellow, to ruby red. It takes a soldering technique to form the desired glass pattern. Each piece of glass is framed by a metal frame made of copper or metal so that the glass does not come off easily and is sturdy when installed.


Stained glass d├ęcor elements

Having charming motifs and colors makes stained glass one of the decoration elements that many people are interested in. So, you can add stained glass both to the interior and exterior of the house. Apply to windows, doors, to ceilings to create a beautiful light bias into the room. Apart from its beautiful motif, stained glass is also good as an effective heat sink. The thick glass texture prevents sunlight from fully entering so that your room will remain bright without feeling hot or dazzled by the sun’s rays. Find more stained glass ideas below and get inspired!


















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