September 27, 2023

10 Unique Macrame Craft Ideas For Your Decor


Bohemian decor has become one of the most popular styles today, and when we talk about the style of boho then we can not escape from handmade crafts. Macrame may be only a small part of the bohemian element, but the art of this craft cannot be separated from this style. If all this time you have known macramé only as wall decoration or decoration, it turns out that macrame can also be used for various needs that will enhance your home decor.

Macrame decoration is not only popular for its bohemian style, it is also known as the textile art of knotting and hitching, which can be applied to either bohemian or Scandinavian styles. Before being used as part of the decor, macrame originally functioned as the cloth covering the camel but now many people use it as a bohemian style. Let’s take a look at some of the unique decorations we can make with the following macrame!

1. Want to bring a boho look to your bedroom? macrame bed runner is a simple choice that will beautify your decor.


2. There is no limit to the incorporation of macrame crafts into your decor, including pillowcases. Pair with rattan furniture or wood furniture to make it look natural.


3. Use macrame as a curtain on your door or window. This style will make the room look more artistic.


4. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with lighting made of macrame. This chandelier besides look pretty, it also gives your room extra lighting.


5. Apart from being a pendant lamp, macrame can also be used as a light string that enhances your decorating style.


6. Present an aesthetic dining room feel by adding a macrame as a table runner. You can mix this decoration with wooden furniture and add a flower vase as a sweetener.


7. Maybe you know macrame only as wall art, but macrame can be maximized for various purposes such as a background or a focal point for a particular room.


8. The macrame feathers are very beautiful as part of the decoration. Hanging wall decorations in neutral colors hung on wooden branches add to the natural impression.


9. Putting plants in the room always works to make the room feel cool and refreshing. Use the macrame as a hanging pot in the corner of the room, your house is sure to be more beautiful.


10. Change the design night stand became more unique uses macrame craft. Instead of just placing a side table, you can make it hang for a different design.


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