The Last Shift Office Chair By Chairbox


This office chair design is really unusual and caught my eye. Inspired by the shape of the coffin, , following the shape and lines of a distinctive coffin. The entire interior is made of wood, and I wonder how it looks ergonomic when we talk about comfort? Maybe the designer wants to create a piece that inspires us all. Chairbox is the mastermind behind this coffin-inspired chair, and was first published by designboom.

At first glance, this office chair does not have a soft area so it is made to resemble the original shape of a coffin. Dubbed “The Last Office Chair”, the designer originally thought of this coffin chair when he was in a friend’s living room lying on the floor with his feet on the sofa. He thought what if he died in such a pose, then it would be very troublesome to place him in a coffin. While it was just a joke with a friend, the designer finally came back after a week by creating 3D models in CAD software, rendering them, and publishing them online to create this coffin office chair.


Although there are some who claim that this coffin office chair is a reference to Rene Magritte’s painting The Balcony (1950). There is a painting of four coffins on the balcony and one of them is a coffin chair. However, the designer felt that this was his original work, in fact he had never even seen the painting.

According to the designer, by design humans were not created to sit in a chair for eight hours a day. He also points out how the culture of overwork around the world has led to many deaths. I could say this piece is a form of protest, but I love how the designer created a piece that is bold as a reminder to all of us.

designer: Chairbox






source: designboom

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