September 27, 2023

22 Inspiring Bathroom Mirrors That Beautify Your Room


The bathroom may not be your first priority when building a house, in fact I’m sure there isn’t much room left for decoration. This small area is often neglected because it is considered not the main room such as the living room or bedroom, even though the presence of the bathroom really supports your daily activities. This is a private area where you usually start and end the day, many people even use this room as a cozy place for relaxation.

Currently, along with the development of the interior, of course, the bathroom has more functions. There is a choice of furniture types with various shapes and models that can be chosen to enhance the appearance of the bathroom. So, it is common for homeowners to design with additional furniture and accessories in order to get comfort when they want to move.

Likewise with bathrooms, almost every bathroom design has a mirror as part of the decoration. The presence of a mirror in the bathroom can give a wider impression and make the room feel more aesthetic. It is not only functional, but also gives you a stylish storage area by adding a wall cabinet or shelf.


According to its function, bathroom mirrors have many benefits for their owners. With a mirror, you will always look charming when you want to move, let you know at which point there is still soap or foam, and of course beautify the bathroom. No matter how small the bathroom you have, with a mirror the room will feel more spacious and save lighting. The reflection from the mirror is what makes the light spread to the maximum. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, don’t carelessly install a bathroom mirror so that it always looks aesthetic. Here are some of the inspirations for you to know!

Rectangle Mirror

The rectangular mirror is the most popular. This style usually has an elongated shape with a variety of mirror frames. This mirror design is also timeless and timeless. If you like a minimalist to classic look, then the rectangular mirror is the best choice.


Frameless Mirror

Frameless means also without a frame, so this type of mirror does not have a frame at all. This is a mirror that is very popular today and is often used in minimalist homes. The minimalist impression is very visible when the room is added with a frameless mirror. Especially if you really want to show a simple impression in the bathroom.


Round Mirror

A round mirror is perfect for those of you who want a stylish bathroom look. This type of mirror usually has a small size so that it can be placed or hung on the wall as desired. However, it is also possible that many bathroom designs place a large bull mirror to make it seem unusual.


Curved Mirror

If square or rectangular mirrors are considered normal, then what about curved mirrors? This includes an aesthetic mirror that you can install in your bathroom. As the name implies, this mirror has a curved shape, so when mounted on a wall it has a unique shape.


Vertical Mirror

This type of vertical mirror is the most frequently chosen for the bathroom. The appearance is simple and minimalist. However, mirrors like this are usually chosen as a solution when the bathroom walls are high but not too wide, even vertical mirrors are often combined with cabinets or hidden storage areas.

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