September 24, 2023

21 Coziest Rooftop Decor Ideas For Small Space


Having an outdoor relaxing area is certainly a dream for almost everyone. Besides making you feel relaxed, enjoying the fresh air outside is also very good for keeping the mood and making you always excited.

But unfortunately, for those who live in urban areas such as apartments or small houses, garden areas and backyards are impossible. The main reason is usually because of the narrowness of the land they have and the difficulty of rearranging the corners of their house.

Apartments and urban houses usually consist of two or more floors, these buildings are also equipped with a balcony area as part of the outdoor decoration. However, some lucky people even have a rooftop that can be used to its full potential. It doesn’t matter how large a rooftop you have, if you can design it well, it will be the coziest place in the house.


Relaxing room on the rooftop

For those who live in urban areas, of course they know that the relaxing area is the only best thing that you can enjoy in the midst of busy activities. Create your own cozy space on the rooftop, this area will be your favorite after work or every weekend. Decorate with things you like and make sure you feel comfortable. This is the best area to enjoy the urban scenery in a simple way.


Rooftop for outdoor living room

Many people crave to have an outdoor living room. Of course, you can use the rooftop as an area to receive guests. Even though it feels a little strange, decorating the rooftop for the living room will feel very pleasant. You only need to place sofas, chairs, and tables on the rooftop, and if the weather doesn’t allow it, you can add a pergola or transparent roof.


Rooftop as a favorite family room

Rooftop is not just an additional area that you have. Make this area a favorite space for your family to enjoy time outdoors. You can have a party on the rooftop, eat together at the dining table, or just enjoy the view from the rooftop.


Rooftop garden

Living in an urban area sometimes makes you yearn for a green thumb or an outdoor garden. However, limited land is often the most common problem. The solution, you can create a rooftop garden that is no less beautiful. You can plant various types of plants or flowers on the rooftop, and like any outdoor area in general, the rooftop can accommodate the need for sunlight because it is connected directly to the outdoors.

If you are confused about choosing the right rooftop decoration idea, here are some inspirations that you should know!

















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