September 27, 2023

12 Relax And Cozy Tiny Kitchen Design To Get Inspired

A large and luxurious house does not guarantee that its residents feel comfortable. However, a small house full of affection is more valuable than anything. To make a house like heaven, you need to decorate it as efficiently as possible because the house has a function as a place to shelter and gather for each family member.

Every nook and tiniest space has its own function. Like the kitchen which is the heart of a dwelling, this area is very important because here you usually prepare dishes for your family at home. However, along with the many minimalist residential trends, the kitchen is not just a place to cook. The kitchen is often combined with other rooms such as the dining room to the family room.

To maximize the function of the kitchen, the open concept is now the trend that is most in demand. No matter how small the kitchen you have, cooking outdoors brings a different sensation that feels relaxed and comfortable. We believe that any space connected to nature gives a calming feeling. Here are some inspirational open kitchen designs that you can apply at home!

1. Glass doors and walls can be a replacement for your kitchen walls. This material will give an open concept, use sliding glass doors to look stylish.


2. Not only integrated with the dining area, this open kitchen is also very functional because it is also equipped with a laundry room.


3. In addition to glass walls and doors, you can also choose skylights or a transparent roof for an open kitchen concept. Create a vertical garden so that small spaces feel cool and refreshing.


4. Kitchens with vintage nuances always give a comfortable feeling. Pair this style with a refreshing indoor garden. Exposed brick walls, transparent roof and spacious spaces are the best combination.


5. A closed kitchen can be like being outdoors with the right settings. Starting from indoor plants to fish ponds that blend with natural nuances.


6. Wooden kitchen floors to bamboo curtains, you can make a small kitchen feel wider with decorations like this.


7. The choice of brown kitchen displays a natural wood color. This color is very good with the concept of an open space that is integrated with the garden area.


8. For a small kitchen, you can create a garden right next to the kitchen area. Take advantage of the wall area to place your plant collection.


9. A kitchen filled with greenery will make anyone feel at home and feel relaxed in this place.


10. Wall murals or wall paints with a nature theme can be a smart alternative to add a natural impression. The small kitchen is getting more beautiful.


11. For a minimalist open kitchen design, you can choose gray as part of the interior that is connected to the garden.


12. This kitchen design really feels like being outside. Utilizing narrow land, you can build a kitchen close to the fence.


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