House On The Cliff: Amazing Rocky And Beach View In Portugal


Architectural bureau Kerimov Architects has completed a stunning one-story house on a cliff, Algarve, Portugal. This residence is set in the middle of a beautiful natural environment overlooking the sea, providing a peaceful getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Context plays an important role in this project, with volume, materiality and color palette blending into the rocky landscape.

In its construction, the architects implemented the solution as two parallelepipeds embedded in each other, with their junctions producing a vertical chimney. The rhythm of the structure is determined not only by the complex shape but also by the variations in the texture of the facade.

Natural materials and their derivatives are used to complete the building. The northern volume is made of architectural concrete, while the second layer is metal. In time, it is covered by patina and will be oxidized under the influence of precipitation. This project also incorporates a thermal tree that will burn in the sun, giving it a whole new feel.


The living and dining areas are concentrated in large volumes, while the smaller ones house the bedrooms and bathrooms. Large windows were added in a strategic position to open out to the sea and majestic rocky views. Unique decorations hidden in the facade, reminiscent of a scattering of stars, let in natural sunlight to create a play of light and shadow. This residence has stairs that are not too steep with an irregular rhythm that emphasizes the natural slope that leads to the beach.

The residence has a relaxing zone as a meditation room for clients. This space includes two sun loungers, a fireplace, and a plunge pool. Outdoors, residents can relax and enjoy the ocean views, while staying warm thanks to the fireplace. Next to the house, a concrete slab structure with a canopy is used as a garage that can accommodate two vehicles.












architect: Kerimov Architects

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