Creative Boys Bedroom With Bicycle Themes

creative boys bedroom with bicycle themes

Boys bedroom is very functional and innovate to stimulate creative. Environment consistent with boy was stage of growth planned by Caroline Oenning Rodrigues and Celita Pickler Oenning which aims to encourage the practice of physical activity. Caroline and Celita bring bikes to the theme of kids rooms. White, black, gray and blue are the most at stake in the color, while floors, corners, trims and wood paneling to help strengthen the character of the room were comfortable. Other resources used by Caroline and Celita is the use of white chalk graphics, which together with bicycle parts are applied in an unusual place to arouse public interest. Here are some pictures of the bedrooms cool that I’m sure your son will love, get inspired!

bicyle bedroom themed


cool boys bed design


creative boys study room


boys bedroom with study room ideas


cool bicycle bedroom with workspace

source: estudiocc

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