20 Hottest Tiny House Design On Pinterest


Sometimes a large and luxurious house does not guarantee the happiness of its occupants, on the contrary, even though your house is small, if it is filled with love, you will feel happy. Maybe this philosophy is what makes many people want to own a house right away. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, there is a sense of satisfaction when you can use limited land into a comfortable place to stay.

In contrast to a large house, this tiny house is proven to be able to reduce a lot of budgets with a look that is no less aesthetic. However, please note that there are many considerations when you design a house with a limited size. Starting from the interior, the exterior, to other decorations that support the beauty of a house.

Luckily, there are many small house inspirations from the internet that you can apply to be able to realize your dream of owning a dream home. Among the many home design references, I can say that Pinterest is one of my favorites. And today I want to share what’s latest in tiny house designs. So, prepare yourself to be inspired!


Tiny house with a minimalist concept

The minimalist concept is the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about tiny houses. This style you can apply to a variety of different shapes and sizes, especially small houses. With a clean and sleek appearance, your home will look wider than it actually is. This interior is widely inspired by Scandinavian styles to modern designs for urban dwellings. The minimalist concept focuses more on simple spatial arrangements without a lot of unnecessary accessories and furniture.


Warm wood element

Tiny houses will feel more comfortable if you apply the right materials. Dominated by wooden elements, from walls, floors, to ceilings, the wooden house feels like a place of rest to a vacation home on the weekends. Warm wood colors with the right arrangement will make anyone feel at home even in a narrow room.


It has complete facilities

No matter how small the dwelling you have, you still have to equip it with various spaces like a house in general. From the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, to the bathroom, you have to be smart in dealing with every inch of space you have without feeling cramped. The easiest way is to unite some of the rooms downstairs and the bedroom upstairs, the kitchen can be integrated with the living or dining room, while the mezzanine floor option can be applied to save space and budget.


Inspired by nature

The concept of open housing is very popular for the design of small houses. The goal is to stay connected to nature so as to create a more spacious feeling. You can place some ornamental plants that blend with natural furniture, make many windows to skylights to let more sunlight in, or adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. That way, you will feel happier even though you live in a small house.

See more tiny house ideas below that can be a solution to having a dream home!
















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