December 8, 2021

25 Easy DIY Backyard Movie Night For Outdoor Summer Time

Make this summer a warm and pleasant evening to gather with family to a movie night unforgettable.

Summer is the best time for a picnic, but if lately you can’t do it then turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema for you and your family to enjoy throughout the warm night. This is a DIY idea that is easy and really won’t drain a lot of budget. I have put together some ideas very fun movie night with only a few minutes of preparation. You just need a little preparation, whether you choose to go cheap with old white cloth and film projectors or install more sophisticated technology for everyone’s watching satisfaction. Ranging from vintage screens, children’s movie nights, romantic cinemas, to modern outdoor theaters. Everything you can adjust to the theme of the party or the spirit of your family.




Prepare food and drinks

To make your movie night with no problem, of course, you need to prepare food and drinks for your guests to be more comfortable while watching a movie. For a more luxurious look, prepare a snack table or drink bar filled with delicious treats. If you want to bring your family or guests closer then invite them to prepare meals together such as barbecuing or other favorite foods.





Warm and comfortable furniture

Watching movies outdoors without a roof and walls will certainly make the air feel even cooler. Although now that summer but did not rule out children or your family the weaker will be susceptible to illness. That is why you need to prepare warm and comfortable furniture such as floor mattresses, sofas, carpets. blankets, pillows and much more. If necessary you can make a fire pit beside you watch to keep you warm all night.





Add accessories

To make your backyard movie night more like a movie theater, you can add interesting accessories such as movie posters, showtimes, or theater lights. This idea is very helpful for your party to be more lively and feels like you are really watching a movie.











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