23 Aesthetic Wicker Decor Ideas For Your Interior


Do you like the look of a unique house with an aesthetic style? Complete your home with accessories, wall hangings, furniture, and wicker storage. Apart from bringing a holiday atmosphere to the interior, this wicker idea is suitable for any style of space. However, before we discuss further about webbing, do you know what webbing is? and how to apply it into the decoration?

Maybe many of you are asking whether wicker is similar to rattan or the like? If you are still confused about choosing the right rattan decoration, today we will discuss further about woven so that it can be used optimally. This wicker consists of many options to enhance the appearance of the interior. From comfortable furniture to woven wall décor. Here are some things you need to know before making it part of the décor!


Wicker definition

As the name suggests, wicker originated from the weaving technique. Made of fibers strung together to form the desired object, usually to make baskets, accessories, or furniture. Wicker itself often takes materials from nature, especially plants, but plastic fibers can also be used. Not only made of rattan, there are many types of woven made from straw, sugar cane, and bamboo. The wicker itself is widely chosen because of its light but strong texture, making it a choice of decoration or multifunctional furniture and is often moved around.


Wicker decoration

Wicker can be applied to any style of space and theme. Do you want to bring a holiday atmosphere, classic, to country house style? The wicker decor will add a refreshing natural touch. Use wicker as wall hangings, flower vases, or chandeliers to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can leave the color of the wicker as it is, either from bamboo or rattan to accentuate the aesthetic impression.


Wicker furniture

As you already know, there are several materials that can be used as wicker and rattan is the most popular. Rattan wicker is often made into furniture such as chairs or tables, cabinets, and many other types of furniture. Its natural and sturdy design is the best choice besides wooden furniture. Rattan furniture is among the most in demand because of its unique, strong, and lightweight design.


Wicker storage ideas

Another idea is that ordinary wicker is converted into a storage box or shelf. For small sizes, basket-shaped webbing is often chosen because of its practicality in storing. Woven baskets are also great as a complement to your home decor. Meanwhile, wicker shelves are a practical idea because they are light and have lots of space to store things. Use the wicker shelf as a bookshelf, bathroom shelf, or practical storage basket for any need. Check out more wicker inspiration for your dream interior!




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