15 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas Made From Timeless Items

Cactus and succulents are the most popular types of ornamental plants for indoors. The cute shape and size are the main attraction, in addition to relatively easy maintenance. In this post I want to bring more succulent plants into the home, and they deserve a container that lives up to their beautiful charm.

Turn or recycle your old things into interesting DIY planter projects. Some old items and objects may hold special memories in your life, and if they are too dear to throw away then you can revive them as container succulents. From old typewriters, landlines, thermos, to the unexpected into recycled succulent gardens that beautify your interior. Here are some inspirations for you to try at home!

1. This vintage cup set collection may be a treasured relic from your parents. Don’t leave them dusty in the closet! Take it and make it an attractive succulent plant display.


2. This DIY succulent planter idea proves that useless things can be turned into a beautiful garden. Like a succulent container from a former meat mill with a unique appearance.


3. The retro-style thermos design has an attractive shape and shine, even every part of it can be a succulent container including the thermos lid.


4. An old radio looks a shame just in the warehouse. Take them and make beautiful succulent planters. You just need to remove the back cover of the radio as a succulent case.


5. Not only a unique table display. This old wall clock lets you decorate any wall area with a collection of succulent plants.


6. An old camera may have captured precious moments in your life. Now you can take them to continue to display their beauty as a succulent container.


7. Have a large collection of cacti and succulents? If you have a rusty metal cart, try filling it with more plants and then displaying them wherever you want them.


8. This is your first game console, and maybe they made your childhood more beautiful. Instead of burying the memories, it’s better you turn them into a succulent garden that is no less interesting.


9. Home phone designs of the past are timeless. Maybe now you can’t use it as a communication tool, but you can turn it into a succulent planter idea.


10. Memories of years of service of a portable typewriter by turning it into a succulent planter.


11. Create a creative DIY project with a table lamp to turn into a wall succulent planter.


12. Your old toys look good but you don’t have time to play them? reuse them as succulent containers.


13. This is an easy DIY project using books with succulents. Hollow out the surface as a succulent container, you can beautify it with a rope.


14. Old metal cubes and drawers give you more space to store succulents. The impression of rust, lichen, and texture into a beautiful combination.


15. Use a white cup as a succulent container that can be an attractive display or gift.


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