DIY Stylish Hanging Vertical Garden

DIY hanging vertical garden

DIY stylish vertical garden is special projects editor Megan Pflug to make terracotta pots into something amazing with only one trip to the hardware store. Create garden can sometimes be a problem because of limited space and surrounding wooden fence requires great visual interest. The solution was hanging planters, following terracotta pot ideas with stringing them together using a bit of rope through the drainage holes. If you like hanging gardens above then keep reading articles every step by step and start creating your own garden!

DIY vertical garden materials

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 or 3 terracotta pots
  • bundle of cotton clothesline (50 feet)
  • brass snap hook
  • bundle of black cotton Venetian blind cord (optional)

First I hit the hardware store for rope. I chose a simple white rope and a black accent cord to give my planters a modern feel. When it came time to find the pots I went straight to our garden shop. I love these aged terracotta pots in particular because they have such a simple shape and a nice handmade texture. Trust me, that’s not easy to find!

DIY terracotta pot materials

Begin by cutting three 16-foot lengths of clothesline and three 16-foot lengths of black cord. Next, thread all the cords through the snap hook until you reach the halfway point.

DIY vertical garden ideas

Separate your cords into three sections-each section should have two cords of clothesline and two black cords. Braid the sections down about 12 inches from the snap hook, or until you’ve reached your desired length. Now you’re ready to attach the first pot. To do this, thread one of your three sections through the drainage hole on the inside of the pot, leaving the other two sections outside the pot.

DIY vertical garden pot designs

Once the pot is in place gather all three sections of rope together at the bottom of the pot and begin braiding again. You can stop here or repeat the process to attach additional pots.

DIY vertical gardens

Finish your pot hanger by braiding a few extra inches, then knot the ropes and trim the ends to your desired length.

source: onekingslane

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