December 10, 2022

10 Easy DIY Chinese New Year Decorations

Just about a week before the Chinese New Year celebrations, it’s time to transform your home with festive crafts and decorations. Installing Chinese New Year decorations is believed to have a long philosophy and deep meaning according to Chinese culture. Every color and symbolizes something major element in the form of hope, blessings, happiness, and prosperity. That is why many people celebrate Chinese New Year as best they can, especially when it comes to decorating their homes.

If you are currently confused about determining the most appropriate Chinese New Year decorations for your home, try making your own with crafts. Chinese New Year decorations will be more memorable and special if you make it yourself or do it with your family. Instead of confusion or simply to imagine what Chinese New Year decorations for this year? Today we want to share some inspiration about easy DIY Chinese New Year decorations to make your celebration even more festive.

1. Red and gold accents as a symbol of good luck

Chinese New Year is always associated with culture and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. This can be seen from the use of red and gold, which are believed to give abundant luck and sustenance every year.

Red and gold accents have become part of Chinese New Year decorations. So, choosing these two colors should be on your list.


2. Flower arrangement for celebration

As with other big day celebrations, in Chinese New Year there will be many people making flower arrangements as decorations in their homes.

You can make your own DIY flower arrangement in just a few minutes, then add some Chinese New Year ornaments.


3. Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner party

There is a tradition where every Chinese New Year’s Eve, all family members must come together to maintain the ties of brotherhood. Usually there will be held a dinner party to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

So, decorating the dining table for the Chinese New Year should also be considered. Give typical Chinese New Year ornaments such as flower arrangements or lanterns.


4. Wreaths on the door

A wreath in a circular shape at the front of the entrance can be a great statement that you are celebrating Chinese New Year at home.

These wreaths are usually synonymous with Christmas, but with a little creativity you can turn them into beautiful Chinese New Year decorations.


5. Mei Hwa flowers from tree branches

Create unique and interesting Chinese New Year creations with tree branches. You can add flowers or creations rangkauan typical chinese new year.

Even though it looks simple, this idea will really appeal to those of you on a budget.


6. Fortune cookies that look delicious

Want to make the atmosphere on the table even more festive? Use DIY fortune cookies with interesting shapes and colors.

You just need to choose a unique paper material and cut it with a circular shape and fold into quarters. Combine a variety of pretty colors in one set of DIY fortune cookies.


7. Money tree for good luck

The money tree is a Chinese New Year decoration which is especially liked by children. Just use a tree branch and provide a pot to place the money envelope.

Give it Chinese New Year colors like red and gold for a more attractive look.


8. Orange trees to welcome blessings

One more tree type that must be present during Chinese New Year, especially if it is not an orange tree. For the Chinese, this orange tree symbolizes good fortune and abundant blessings.

The orange tree idea is not that different from a money tree, except that you only need to place the orange tree here.


9. Paper firecrackers that enliven the atmosphere

Cheap Chinese New Year decorations that make the atmosphere even more festive are paper firecrackers. Enough red paper roll and then garnished with gold ribbon.

You can make it a part of Chinese New Year decorations and then light it up when the celebration is ending.


10. Lanterns as a characteristic

Everywhere you go during the Chinese New Year celebration, there are lanterns in almost every part. Bringing lanterns into the house is also a great option to enhance your d├ęcor.

Chinese New Year is a festive season that symbolizes happiness to continue to live and be lit, which is why lanterns are often the first choice during Chinese New Year celebrations.


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