10 White Stone Garden Ideas To Bring Holiday Vibes

As part of the exterior of the house, you cannot ignore the garden design that becomes the landscape of your residence. No matter how large a garden area you have, the right garden arrangement will increase the appeal of your outdoors. Among the many garden designs, we love the holiday touch that is presented in the white stone garden. Not only as a decorative accent that attracts attention, white stone is also believed to improve health if you walk on it.

Having a round, oval, to slightly pointed shape, this white stone or often called coral is relatively safe and effective at suppressing blood points. In addition, placing white coral in the garden is also good as a medium for water absorption to prevent flooding. If you feel that this garden design is really functional, you can even combine it with various garden decorations such as gardens with beach, desert, to modern nuances. Find the inspiration below!

1. White stone garden landscapes


A narrow garden or backyard will feel more relaxing by placing white stones throughout the landscape. No need for grass or lots of plants, you just need some comfortable outdoor furniture.

2. White stone garden with succulents


A garden that looks white and white looks more beautiful with a little green in the middle. And a succulent plant will do its job well.

3. White stone garden with pathway stairs


If you have ever vacationed to the beach or tropical countries, you must be familiar with the design of the path above. Shaped stairs and surrounded by a beautiful white stone arrangement.

4. White stone gabions for plant pots


In addition to being part of the garden decoration, you can also use white stones as plant pots. Arrange the white stones in the gabion shaped and you are ready to decorate.

5. White stone container garden


Container gardens are a practical way to get around space constraints. Decorate the container garden with white stones that are pleasing to the eye.

6. White stone pathway for side yard garden


Side yard gardens are more often neglected than any other outdoor area of the home. Now, you can beautify this small area by building a walkway made of concrete and white stone in a minimalist style.

7. White stone garden in the fence


The white stone color contrasts with the dark fence. This combination creates a unique and aesthetic garden appeal.

8. Modern white stone garden with lights


The modern impression can be seen from the design of this white stone garden. Featuring spotlights with a collection of beautiful potted plants. Meanwhile, white stone is the perfect base for this look.

9. Minimalist white stone garden


Simple, clean, and minimalist are the characteristics of the white stone garden design. You can combine small and medium sized stones with garden landscapes for a more unique look.

10. White stone desert garden


Bring a desert feel to your garden style with white stones and a collection of cactus plants. This garden style is quite easy to maintain and budget friendly.

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