November 30, 2022

12 Tiny Side Yard Ideas That Most Beautiful

Many people usually focus more on arranging a garden in the backyard, and ignore small areas such as the side yard. Even though this area is no less important as part of your outdoor landscape. The side yard is often an afterthought in the process of designing a garden, maybe its small and narrow size makes it difficult for you to determine the right design.

If you are creative enough, the side yard is not much different from the outside area in general. With a little effort and imagination, you can turn this narrow patch of land into an unexpected space to your family’s favorite lounging spot. Now, the side yard has evolved not only as an access point to the garden or backyard but emphasizes more of attractiveness and useful space. Here we have collected 12 of the most beautiful small side yard ideas for you to apply at home. Let’s check!

1. Turn the side yard into a romantic zone for you and your partner. Put a wooden bench, some ornamental plants, and maybe a string light to warm the atmosphere.


2. The combination of greenery and pond water will create a beautiful landscape. In addition, this side yard decoration gives a calming peaceful feeling.


3. Adding bold color can be a great focal point on a side page. However, you need to be careful in choosing the color. The combination of black walls with natural stone fences can be an alternative.


4. Make the fence part of your side yard landscape. This method will make the side area feel wider and lush.


5. If you like small landscapes that are beautiful and calming. Japanese garden ideas are very hard to ignore.


6. Walking into this side yard, you will be greeted with a beautiful minimalist garden gate. I think that this gate is like going to a fairy land.


7. A tropical-inspired side yard is a great choice to bring out the holiday spirit. Cover the side fence with a variety of refreshing tropical plants.


8. For those of you who like minimalist garden designs, you can imitate this side page at home. Even though it doesn’t place too many plants, the vintage really attracts attention.


9. If your side yard is connected to a side or back door, try adding a patio concept at the end of the yard. This functional area can be an additional space for families to relax outdoors.


10. In addition to plants and furniture, the walls with a brick texture feel more united in the side yard. You can imitate this design for small spaces.


11. For a super small side yard, you can turn it into a relaxing area with a bohemian feel. Place antique-style outdoor furniture, garden paths, and gravel to complete the d├ęcor.


12. Apart from a tropical theme, beach decor is also a great choice for a side yard.


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