10 Creative DIY Bedside Table Ideas

We all agree that the bedroom is the best place to end the day from all the hustle and bustle. However, whether we realize it or not, many people prefer to do their favorite activities before bed. Besides being a routine, you will need a bedside table where you can put your books, smartphone, drinks, even whatever trash you decide to throw away, bedside tables are definitely a practical feature to accompany your rest.

No matter the size and style, a bedside table should not only be considered for its functionality but it can also be used to create a very chic environment in your bedroom. These little pieces of furniture don’t have to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of designers and creative DIY projects out there that inject a dose of style into the bedroom while complementing your chosen aesthetic. Starting from the use of unexpected pieces, an elegant minimalist touch, to turning useless items into dream bedside tables. Here are 10 creative DIY bedside table ideas that you must have!

1. Wooden Crate


Bring a boho chic feel to the bedroom with this organic bedside table. Made of wooden crate with a natural-looking texture to make your bedroom feel more comfortable. In addition, this DIY nightstand can also store some of your favorite items such as books or favorite plants.

2. Rattan Chair


Bringing aesthetic style can be done by choosing the right furniture, and this bedside table made of rattan chairs is one of the best examples. Rattan chairs have a graceful and unique shape that is suitable for any room. Transform an old chair into a charming nightstand to add comfort to your bedroom.

3. Cinder Blocks


Industrial impression seen from this bedside table. Made of cinder blocks with plenty of storage space for your belongings. The original color is preserved, while the correct arrangement of the cinder blocks is the key to the beauty of this nightstand.

4. Bar Stool


Who would have thought that a bar stool could be turned into a bedside table with a minimalist side of the spectrum. While it may seem simple, there is usually room for a plant or a book that you often need.

5. Bar Cart


Thanks for the bar cart from IKEA Raskog. This is an affordable bedside table option while providing plenty of storage space. You can put anything here as it has three stacking shelves to store more stuff.

6. DIY Suitcase


Take your old suitcase, add a stand and turn it into a stylish bedside table. This idea is perfect for those of you who want to bring a holiday feel to the bedroom. In addition to the top as a place to put things, you still have extra storage area in the suitcase for important items.

7. Hanging nightstand


Hanging nightstands will bring magic to your bedroom. Come up with creative DIY ideas from pieces of wood and then hang them using a string to bring out an aesthetic feel. This example is one of our favorites!

8. Wall Mounted Shelf


If you have a problem with limited space, then you should eliminate the bedside table. The solution, use a wall-mounted shelf instead of your bedside table. This floating shelf is a smart way to get around a small space.

9. Repurposed Barrel


For teenagers who want their room to look cool, you can use Chanel barrels as bedside tables. Comes with a neon chandelier and a classic-style phone area. This is a true statement for a teen bedroom.

10. Stacked Luggage


Do you like an elegant rustic feel? This vintage luggage stack from Louis Vuitton makes the perfect bedside table.

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