Cute Ways To DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

cute ways to diy emoji easter eggs

Soon we will welcome Easter and Easter would not be complete without eggs decoration. I find many cute collection of sites that are really cool, until I could not resist the urge to write back here. I know it’s just barely March and do not worry, I did not forget St. Patrick’s Day , but maybe I just could not wait any longer. Here’s how to make DIY cute emoji Easter eggs and begin to collect your friends to have ourselves emoji egg party. Just prepare paint and paintbrush then you are ready!

diy emoji easter egg ideas


cute diy easter eggs


diy emoji easter egg tutorial

Eggs are an important part of Easter decorations, you can use real eggs or paper mache eggs. I recommend to boil an egg beforehand so that they become hard and easy to decorate (But I would not recommend eating them afterwards).

Yellow, White, Pink + Turquoise Craft Paint
Black + Red Paint Markers (Here’s a set of 15 colors, too!)

You can easily make this Easter eggs with just paint and paintbrush or just paint markers (outside the yellow part!), I will try to list what is used here!

  1. Paint all eggs yellow and let dry completely.
  2. Follow the below steps to draw/paint each face. I shared the order in which I drew each one, but do what works best for you!
emoji easter egg face tutorial 1


emoji easter egg face tutorial 2


emoji easter egg face tutorial 3


diy emoji easter egg decor ideas


yellow emoji easter eggs


beautiful emoji easter eggs plan

source: studiodiy

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