December 10, 2022

Villa R: Holiday Residence Focusing On Outdoor Areas


Villa R is a holiday residence located in Ftelia, Mykonos island, designed by Mado Samiou Architecture. This new approach reimagines a complete transformation of an existing building, with a focus on the design of areas outside the plot.

The building has a multi-layered design that unfolds. At the top level, there is the main entrance, all activities take place around ‘alvi’ center. The dining area, sitting area and swimming pool are perfectly positioned to enjoy views of the rocky landscape and Archipelago.


Located on the ground floor, an infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea surrounded by dining and lounge areas. Beneath the pergola, you’ll feel the intense Greek sunlight comfortably, creating a delightful notion of shadows and light.

Villa R adapts traditional architectural styles, local techniques, contemporary components and natural materials. All of these elements combine harmoniously to create a celebration of beautiful Cycladic architecture, flawless landscapes and a touch of luxury.









source: Mado Samiou Architecture

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