The Botanica Residence With Various Water Features

Perched on a hill, GUZ Architects have successfully completed a new home in Singapore, for their clients who want a dynamic home with a variety of pleasant water features. The house is almost similar to this large bungalow has a beautiful view of the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Botanic Gardens. Utilize large cantilevers and horizontal planes to make buildings float and provide lighting when seen from the road. This multi-level house is brilliant in utilizing the surrounding landscape with an interior design that is open to various water features.

Besides being equipped with various water features, there is a curved swimming pool, with windows to the lower level that allow light to filter water. Stairs made of glass, steel, and wood have been designed to blend with the concept of home, while wood ceilings and water detail adds a natural touch. Amazingly, this house also has a waterfall surrounded by lush plants that flow into the pond, creating a calm experience and like being in the wild. Being inside, the back hides a sunken courtyard and pool to allow light to enter the basement. A house of extraordinary scale and comfort through the use of warm materials, water features, and a combination of natural landscapes.











source: contemporist

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