December 10, 2022

Metal Residence With View Of The Surrounding Mountains


Ensayo Himmel is a metal structure house located in Guaíra, Paraguay. This house was completed in 2020 by Bauen. The house, which is located in a rural area in the interior of the country, belongs to a husband and wife who are trying to build a permanent residence, this house has been their dream for many years.

Almost in every property, there is an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. In addition to offering a view, other factors are taken into account to find implantation, such as minimizing the cutting of trees, another key element is the premise of leaving nature as the protagonist and not construction. This can be seen in the access point to the ground to the house, because the same volume is not differentiated. Every square meter is paid attention to, the green hills and blue sky can be seen as a perfect backdrop.


Selection of the metal structure arises from the need to have a system of simple, rustic and prefabricated by considering the location on the hill that is difficult to access without basic services. The structural resolution ultimately determines the aesthetics of the house, the structural opening being a picture window, only covered with glass where every square meter allows a stunning view of the surroundings to pass through.

Amazingly, it took only 7 days to assemble the structure, 60 days to manufacture in the workshop, with a flight of 14m and and only supported on 3 concrete screens, avoiding damaging the ground and just leaving it as natural as possible. Meanwhile, a rainwater recovery system, sewage treatment is also included, achieving a construction that is compatible with the surrounding environment.











Photography: Dario Mereles

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