8 Exposed Brick Background Interior For Industrial Style

Fans of the industrial interior style must be familiar with the beautifully exposed brick background. With the accent wall deliberately showing this raw, deeply felt impression powerful industrial houses for this type of any space. This interior design tends to lead to a masculine style, very appropriate to be applied to a man’s apartment or for those of you who want to display a real man’s lifestyle.

Not only for large houses or apartments, industrial interior styles with a brick background can also be applied as an accent wall for a small house. With a little creativity, industrial style lovers can apply it to any room in the house, of course by using multifunctional and space-saving furniture or furniture. Here I have compiled 8 best exposed brick background for those who want to transform the room into industrial style.

1. Simple and charming living room

One of the best industrial themes is to apply it in the living room. Background brick wall with the theme of the industry to make the room seem simple but still charming. Use a natural brick background to emphasize the industrial feel. To complete it, you can add an industrial standing lamp or a leather sofa.


2. Brick TV wall

TV or home entertainment space is often a favorite place to gather in the house. Make a brick background as part of your TV room decoration so that watching TV shows is more exciting and fun. You can make it look minimalist with a Scandinavian-style TV table.


3. Bedroom with exposed bricks

The bedroom is the most private area in the house. Here you can freely express themselves to any interior style that you want including industrial design. You can create a brick wall in one part of the wall and add an elegant chandelier.


4. The dining room is bright and friendly

Do you like hosting parties at home? Make your guests feel comfortable with the design of industrial-style dining room. You can make it look bright by applying an open concept, while the brick walls are very eye-catching here.


5. Luxurious and elegant bathroom

Brick backgrounds can also be applied to the bathroom, especially if you want a luxurious and elegant impression. The combination of natural materials and luxurious bathroom furniture such as a bathtub looks beautiful with some indoor plants.


6. Beautiful kitchen with natural lighting

By adding natural lighting from skylights, brick background looks more beautiful in industrial-style kitchen. Still maintaining a minimalist impression, there is a kitchen island that serves as a place to put food or an additional dining table. An industrial nuanced chandelier also makes this kitchen look even cooler.


7. The home-based office space saving

There is now not unusual take work home, and if you do not have a suitable design of the home office, then a home office with a background of a brick wall is worth considering. A space-saving workspace with wall bookshelves and industrial-style wall lamps feels comfortable for all your work activities.


8. Cool reading corner with bookshelf

Are you an avid reader or have a large collection of books? This cool reading corner features an industrial style that is perfect for modern interiors. Equipped with industrial bookshelves, brick wall background, a reading chair made of leather.


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