Treetop House: Practical Sustainability Interiors For Healthy And Cozy Living


The perfect blend of practical sustainability with bright and contemporary interiors, Valentino Architects has successfully completed the Treetop House where outdoor and indoor spaces combine to create a recipe for healthy and comfortable living.

Located in Balzan, Malta, this house will be completed in 2021. Contemporary design style applied to work with high energy standards through low intervention solutions, this design prioritizes strong insulation, solar energy and passive temperature control.

Not just the inside, the strong visual link to the outside is also a draw, with a sizable livable footprint dedicated to green and terraced zones. This area is intended for gardening and home horticulture.


Consisting of three linear levels, the layout is reversed to accommodate a bed and living area on the first floor and a large and bright kitchen-dining area on the second. This allows the most active rooms to be lifted upstairs, with the space open and nestled in the foliage of the surrounding gardens.

Large vents allow hot air to escape during the warmer months, facilitating a cross and stack effect ventilation system throughout the home. Photovoltaic panels power homes through solar power, their energy production being able to exceed overall energy use, enabling negative consumption, lower bills, and consistent energy contributions back to the national grid.


Thanks to the use of skylights at the top of the compact staircase, sunlight can flow across all levels, penetrating the living room downstairs and energizing the user as they make their way through each level. Materials and colors remain neutral for the light sculptural quality backdrop, as well as to contrast with the vibrancy of the vegetable garden and trees outside.













photography: David Zammit

architect: Valentino Architects

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