15 Romantic Rainy Day Bedroom Ideas

There’s always something romantic about a rainy day, and that is the time to curl up, reflect and warm yourself in the bedroom. Find calm and the things you miss the most from a sweet rainy bedroom.

I know the rainy season is over and warm days are around, but there is always something to be missed about the rainy day and the bedroom is the most romantic area in the house. The wet window, the cloudy sky, the sound of rain, and the cold air became a romantic thing that was always missed. But do you know if there are some decorating ideas that will make your bedroom a rainy day even more special? Although you can leave the bedroom as it is, after all some of these decorations you must have in the bedroom. Make the rainy day as romantic and comfortable as you dreamed of, it can even be a sweet memory for the next few years.

1. String lights

Lighting is the most important decoration. When it rains you will usually be reluctant to turn on the main lights even though the room is getting dark. Apart from this nuance that you expect on a rainy day, your curling time in the room also feels more comfortable. But you still need to add lighting for a rainy bedroom, one of which is a string light. They are not too bright and give a suitable silhouette of light on a rainy day.



2. Books and coffee

Daydreaming on a rainy day while looking at the water droplets from the window does make you feel comfortable, but sometimes you will also feel bored if the rain lasts a long time. To make your leisure time more enjoyable, you need books and hot coffee to warm your body. Who would not want to curl up with a good book during rainy days? Or enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee? I’m sure you will agree with me.




3. Candles

Still about lighting, the last decoration is the most romantic idea for a rainy day’s bedroom. I think there is nothing more romantic than adding a candle to any room, and put the idea of lighting in the bedroom will give a huge impact to improve the atmosphere.




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