December 10, 2022

HiBed: Futuristic Television Designs For A Lazy Day


I think television has now become an important part of entertainment facilities, even wherever you are there is always a television in almost every home. When we talk about the weekend, it means a lazy day in which we will not move from the bed, laze around and watch some Netflix. This is what underlies Fabio Vinella with his latest collection. Designed by Hi-interior, The HiBed is a combination of a sleeping area with a futuristic television design. The second generation in their smart bed, but this one is a more minimalistic and sleeker version of its predecessor HiCan.

Hican and Hibed designs are made to resemble contemporary cocoons equipped with advanced technology for health, entertainment and health monitoring integrated with your smart devices. Equipped with a built-in 4K projector that can be synchronized with a series of devices to watch movies / TV on a 70-inch screen that can be withdrawn. The built-in surround sound system with invisible speakers makes the bed more feel like a cinema. For perfect lazy days this is the best furniture that makes it more than a bed.


Apart from being a means of entertainment, HiBed also focuses on our health and everyday use. This bed connects to the app and monitors your sleep patterns and sleep movements, adjusting the temperature according to your comfort. It also noted weight, air quality and noise levels to provide a very simple examination on health. The HiBed also features a built-in smart alarm system that wakes you up to the harshest of weather and daily news.










source: yankodesign

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