Affordable and Eco-Friendly Furniture by FactoryTwentyOne

wooden pallet lampshades

Products and furniture are still far from the word efficient, usually they have a price that will drain your investment. Factorytwentyone is one of the few home accessories companies that want to create affordable, easy to send and environmentally friendly home products. Based in Susses at the foot of the south downs, it was originally started by Christopher Berry and was inspired from the background of mid-century furniture in the design of products and furniture.

oak key hook and mail organizer

From the Designer, Factorytwentyone is a home accessories company based in Sussex, England. We set out to create affordable, easily shipped and eco-friendly products. Our current range consists of the popular recycled wooden pallet lampshades, the geometric set of three wooden candle stands and the sleek looking oak coat hooks. We also manufacture the reclaimed oak key hook and mail organizer and the oak iPhone holder. Working on small batches, factorytwentyone aim to make original items available to everyone.

Factorytwentyone’s aim is to create original items, available to everyone. With a mix of traditional manufacturing techniques and modern processes, our collection of products ranges from lamp shades to coat hooks and clocks to key hook & mail organizers. You’re sure to enjoy the quality and playful side that goes with each design.

oak iphone holder


recycled wooden pallet chandeliers


oak planter hooks


oak wall clock


mid-century standing bedside table


unique cabinet two


unique side table four


scania retro media sideboard


oak iphone stand


oak business card holder


unique nesting table

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